Aunty Katie Cat


I’ve always thought of myself as someone who likes change. I do like trying new things, I do like to be spontaneous, but I also enjoy routine. It’s funny how time changes us, how seasons and situations influence us.  I’ve always been quite independent and fine to be by myself, although have always preferred the […]

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Play Clothes and Party Dresses 


Did you ever have ‘play clothes’ and ‘party clothes’ as a kid? Play clothes were the types of clothes, probably hand-me-downs that were comfortable to run around in and it didn’t matter if you got mulberry stains all over them. Party dresses (or clothes) were reserved for dressing up to look nice for a party.  […]

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Land of Hope 


My favourite type of holidays include a lot of shopping, great food and coffee, beautiful scenery and enjoying time with my family and friends whilst staying in a holiday unit, rather than a tent. Camping is fun, tents are good for a little bit.  I love adventure, but when it comes to holidays, camping is […]

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Better late than never 


Have you ever heard the saying, ‘better late than never?’ Often this idiom is used when there is an apology for being late and it’s followed up with but ‘it’s better late than never’.  What’s our measure for lateness?  Is it 15 minutes past the start time, is it in relation to a predetermined expectation […]

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The complexity that is me


I’m a complex person, we all are.  Our genetic make up is incredible, the way our physical body works, the way our mind has been put together, our individual personalities and emotions. We are complex by design.  There’s a lot we can do to increase our complexity in a positive way, as we learn to […]

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Willing to jump in the mud 


A doctor walking past was willing to jump in the cold mud on the bank of the Brisbane river and take over CPR. It’s a pretty incredible story and a truly miraculous series of events. So many people involved in different ways is what makes it so great and of course the fact that our […]

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Silver spoon

girl with flowers

I’m the kind of person that bursts into song when I hear a word that triggers a song I know.  I love it when people join in with me, but sometimes I get strange looks – and that’s ok. The song that I want to belt out when I hear the word silver or spoon […]

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Diffusing the doubt 


There is no such thing as Brownie points with God. There is nothing we can do to make Him love us more and there is nothing we can do to make Him love us less. He is our creator God who absolutely loves us, His only creation made for the soul purpose of relationship with […]

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Bragging rights 

girlfriends 2

The dream home, the nice car, the marriage and family we’ve always dreamed about. Nothing happens over night, there’s always a process and many stepping stones to success.  Sometimes it’s hard to know which step is next, but if we keep a sweet heart and not take offence; it will either be a lesson learned […]

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When my head hits the pillow


In the movie ‘I Don’t Know How She Does It’ Sarah Jessica Parker stars as a successful career woman, married with two young children.  The focus is on her strive to find balance in it all and when her head hits the pillow at night, her brain rarely switches off as she runs through the […]

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