I love change – the exciting type!! Probably not all types of change…some change is just too much hard work and too scary! I like the good type of change, like new clothes, a new adventure, a new house…who’s with me?!  Change can bring the mundane to life, change can turn bad habits into life […]

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15 years ago today 


15 years ago today my life was almost taken after I was involved in a tractor accident on my grandparent’s farm. This day, the 24th of September, I pause to take a moment to celebrate that I am alive and not just barely alive, abundantly alive!  I was a gymnast, a school girl and I […]

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I’m speaking Sophie 


Great leaders learn to communicate effectively. There have been so many times where I thought that I communicated clearly and effectively and it could only mean one thing and yet the recieved message and the product achieved was not my intended outcome.  There are some people that just seem to ‘speak your language’ and I’ve […]

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Word Quota


I was sitting on our couch recently with a few of my girlfriends watching a heart-wrenching movie involving a sick child. We had the essentials to keep us company: chocolate and a box of tissues. Not many words were exchanged during the movie, but the chocolate was eaten and the tissues were used.  After the […]

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What’s that noisy?


Love is a powerful force. In a world that is innately selfish, love that puts others before ourselves stands out. Love that is unconditional, love that is practical, love that gives despite what can be given in return.  There is a lot of great people in this world and I’m not trying to make a […]

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Aunty Katie Cat


I’ve always thought of myself as someone who likes change. I do like trying new things, I do like to be spontaneous, but I also enjoy routine. It’s funny how time changes us, how seasons and situations influence us.  I’ve always been quite independent and fine to be by myself, although have always preferred the […]

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Play Clothes and Party Dresses 


Did you ever have ‘play clothes’ and ‘party clothes’ as a kid? Play clothes were the types of clothes, probably hand-me-downs that were comfortable to run around in and it didn’t matter if you got mulberry stains all over them. Party dresses (or clothes) were reserved for dressing up to look nice for a party.  […]

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Land of Hope 


My favourite type of holidays include a lot of shopping, great food and coffee, beautiful scenery and enjoying time with my family and friends whilst staying in a holiday unit, rather than a tent. Camping is fun, tents are good for a little bit.  I love adventure, but when it comes to holidays, camping is […]

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Better late than never 


Have you ever heard the saying, ‘better late than never?’ Often this idiom is used when there is an apology for being late and it’s followed up with but ‘it’s better late than never’.  What’s our measure for lateness?  Is it 15 minutes past the start time, is it in relation to a predetermined expectation […]

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The complexity that is me


I’m a complex person, we all are.  Our genetic make up is incredible, the way our physical body works, the way our mind has been put together, our individual personalities and emotions. We are complex by design.  There’s a lot we can do to increase our complexity in a positive way, as we learn to […]

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