Compelled to act

Nehemiah was a man who was compelled to act. As I was reading the book of Nehemiah, I was inspired by his actions after he had heard some bad news about his home town.

There were 3 main thoughts that impacted me:

1. He took responsibility

His first response was emotional – he wept, but he didn’t allow himself to stay in this place; instead He took responsibility and asked God for forgiveness.

2. He asked for Permission

He went to his authority and asked for permission to go and help in his home town.

3. He asked for Provision

He was bold in his requests to the King and asked for more than just permission but also provision. Nehemiah gave glory to God for the fact that the King granted his requests.

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I am 30 years old and I completely love my husband Benjamin James Higgins! I have three incredible kids: Israel, Sophie and Audrey. I am passionate about God and want to make a difference in this world! I love my family, friends and my church. I love life!

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